As children we are naturally curious and creative, especially in how we play. The toys that I played with inspired me and created memories that will last a lifetime. To this day, my basement exists as an untouched archive of those very imaginative years of my life. Recess pays tribute to this period as I reach my early adulthood.  Many of the toys in my basement were repurposed into my portfolio pieces. I wanted to take the playful items acquired through my formative years and have them join me on my journey as I mature as an artist. It is no coincidence that these fashion pieces are made to suit somebody my size. I chose to make all of these pieces fashion-oriented, to take the collective idea of a metaphorical “inner child” and to manifest it into a literal “outer child.”

Because childhood is the central theme in Recess, I hope to create two types of reactions. The classic toys seen by adults may evoke a feeling of nostalgia, while children may view the toys with playfulness. As children, we all construct with a type of imagination and innocence that many hope to keep their entire lives.  Imagination and curiosity, specifically in regard to the wonder of how things work, are other aspects that inspired me to produce Recess, and are childhood themes that I want to carry with me throughout life.